Joshua Burr
Based in Bristol, UK

Release date:
1 March, 2016



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All you want is to live in peace with your circle. Unfortunately the rectangles don’t approve of your love and will stop at nothing to drag you apart. I Love My Circle is a challenging, unputdownable mobile game with simplistic gameplay and a clean, minimal style. Avoid becoming separated from your circle while dodging and smashing through an onslaught of jealous rectangles. Fight your way through a colourful rainbow of stages and challenge the Rectangle Lord for your right to love.


Joshua Burr is a mathematician/software-developer who has always harboured ambitions of making games but been put off by his inability to create the graphical assets required. After entering Ludum Dare for the first time he became inspired by the amazing community to go ahead and make a game using simplistic graphics. He entered other game jams and prototyped several ideas while experimenting with different graphical styles. Eventually, during ‘FGL Game Jam #31’, ‘I Love My Circle’ was born, made entirely of simple geometric shapes. Soon after he entered a very relaxed game jam (Mini Ludum Dare #62) in which he created a boss fight for I Love My Circle and further developed its style. The response to the game was positive and he was encouraged to continue its development in his spare time, teaming up with Antoine Bardoz and finefin who between them have created an amazing soundtrack. He also enlisted the help of the talented James Letherby who designed the icon and helped to make the UI look great.

Games that require a high level of agility and control often struggle on mobile devices due to having controls that are difficult to use, like virtual joysticks, or controls that cause your hand to obscure part of the screen while you play. A lot of time was spent developing the control system in I Love My Circle to deal with these issues and make sure the game feels as satisfying and responsive as possible.

After creating a game that most find visually appealing using only ‘developer graphics’ Josh has gained a newfound confidence in his ability to create games.


  • An infinite arcade game that is easy to get into but challenging to beat.
  • Satisfying one-finger controls that allow you to fluidly dodge and smash your way though oncoming rectangles.
  • Five extra modes to unlock, including hard+ modes for those who can take it.
  • An awesome soundtrack created by Antoine Bardoz and finefin.
  • A minimalistic style that leaves the screen free of any distractions.
  • Physics!


Gameplay YouTube, .mp4




Selected Articles

  • "The controls are very smooth and good to use. You touch and drag anywhere to move your dot, swiping to use your dash. It's pretty clever."
    - Carter Dotson, Touch Arcade
  • "The sheer creativity exuded by the enemy movement patterns coupled with its fine tuned physics engine give I Love My Circle an extra degree of finesse that elevates it above its peers."
    - Craig Forshey, Super Game Droid
  • "Looks simple, gets tough, and very addictive!"
    - The SML Podcast, The SML Podcast
  • "In short, a creative and novel arcade game that requires nimble fingers."
    - Marcus, iPlayApps

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FGL Game Jam #31
The game jam where I Love My Circle was first conceived fgl.com.

MiniLD #62
The boss was created during this game jam ludumdare.com.

About Joshua Burr

An independent game developer who is particularly fond of minimalism. He is just about to launch his first game, 'I Love My Circle'.

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I Love My Circle Credits

Joshua Burr
Design & Development

Antoine Bardoz
Music & Sound Effects


James Letherby
UI & Icon Design

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks